Universal Control System in Elevator World Magazine

This Product Spotlight details an inclusive system meant to save money while adding varied features.

by Lee Freeland in July 2016 issue of Elevator World Magazine

Inclinator Co. of America’s UC601 Universal Control System is intended to be an inexpensive product that is easy to install and troubleshoot. It utilizes a microprocessor based design on all printed circuit boards and serial communication to link them together. The control can be configured at Inclinator’s facility or by the installer via an integral LCD display. Configuration of the control for all elevator types and operating parameters, such as number of floors, number of doors, automatic/manual gate and automatic/manual doors, is possible.
The control’s on-board diagnostics are constantly analyzing the system, which, in many
cases, allows it to detect and report problems before they become obvious to the user. It is capable of storing up to 200 time-stamped error messages to aid in troubleshooting. There is a small LED display at every floor and on the car-operating panel (COP) that displays the current floor position or can alert the homeowner to common error conditions, such as “Door Open,” “Gate Open” and “Stop Switch Status.”

As the control’s design is microprocessor based, it is possible to add new features to a
previous installation by simply updating the software. For example, a new “Call Send” feature from Inclinator can be added to an existing control within minutes and requires no other changes. More features are under development by the company and will become available to its dealers as they are finished.

The control system is standard equipment on the company’s cable drum, machine-room-less (MRL) geared, MRL CD1000 and hydraulic drives. It will run on all of its drives and features:

  • Plug-and-play functionality to reduce installation time
  • Multi-pin quick-connect connectors to eliminate hand wiring
  • Hall stations interface to controller via daisy-chain wiring
  • Door locks powered by the hall stations, which eliminates hoistway wiring
  • Car position obtained from cab-mounted tape reader
  • Position indicator as standard equipment on COPs and hall stations
  • Control constantly analyzes operations to detect and report problems
  • Control will indicate which safety circuits are open and check safety–switch override jumpers to shut down the elevator if they are left in
  • Emergency–battery lowering as standard equipment

William M. Stratton, Inclinator president and CEO, added:

“We developed our Universal Controller System to provide our dealers with technology that will reduce their installation times, provide easily usable diagnostic information and provide superior support to their customers, the homeowners. By developing this technology in-house and through manufacturing the product in our own facility, we have better control of our supply chain, quality and ability to add new capabilities to the technology over time. Since we developed and own the software associated with our controller system, we are able to develop and share added features to [it]. A good example is the ‘Call Send’ feature that we developed in mid 2015. Th€is feature allows our customers to use our residential elevator as dumbwaiters, in addition to using them as elevators.”